Open letter

In reply to many letters with regard to the question of election of the Order’s Master which we have received:

The “Rule” of Templar Order provided that the representative, elected by General Chapter, after his election had to obtain the Pope's imprimatur, to could be titled Master of Order (in modern times in some cases the representative of Order is titled in the incorrect way, Great Master. This term has a connotation with the esoteric mysticism of the end of eighteenth-beginning of nineteenth century which has nothing to do with the original rule).
Any self nomination is considered devoid of any juridical-canonical foundation and feeds only the arrogance and the vain glory.
For the above-mentioned reasons, actually our Order has not any representative with the title of Master of Order.

We oftenly hear from misinformed people that Templars celebrated strange rituals, owned great treasures, from the used symbolic that clearly belongs to postume period, all that has nothing to do with their real activity (an exemple between others: the mystery of Rennes le Chateau and the priest Sauniere, that in reality has no linking to the original Order). Who develops that sort of thinkings has no respect for the Ideal for which knights gave their life.

We can not be surprised, to be strangely looked when we enter into a Church with the cape for praying (a normal habit for middle age knight), because of numerous knights, that lost themselves into masonic and esoteric researches, far from the faith Templars had to show.

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