The empty box

To the attention of Chivalry Orders not recognised by the Vatican

The prestidigitator makes you beleive you can put what you want inside the empty box.
You can think to fill the empty box with all your ambitions, delusions and revenges.
The prestigitator observes you when you try hard to elaborate with your imagination milions of projects and suppositions.
The box is covered with a beautiful paper with thousands of images: ceremonies, nice clothes and people that smile, that is its cloth.
The prestidigitator laughs observing you admire, mouth opened, the kaleidoscope of blurred forms that cover the empty box, because he already has another buyer that will buy his right to fill the empty box, not knowing or not wanting to know that there's nothing inside, exactly like you do.

He can make dream a lot of ambitious and naive people like you, it gives them illusion being able to fill it with all their ambition and arrogance. Those defaults do not fill anything, so the box remains empty and the game goes again with news players. When one remarks that it is empty, the prestigitator attacks him to distract the attention of all the participants of the possibility to remark that despite all attempts the box remains empty.

The empty box serves only the prestigitator to attract naives and give them a feel of power, real wealthiness of the prestigitator.
Do not get angry with him, he's only selling you illusions. If ever, get angry only with yourself, because you desperately wanted to own that empty box.