Templar Puzzle

(domain created with brother's photos)


Map of the Jerusalem's Temple place, original seat of the Temple, from where it's name.


View of the place in front of the Temple, from the Wailing Wall.



Photo of a model of the Paris Temple's fortress, courteously donated by His Excellency André Saumier d'Albis, Grand Master of the French Chivalry




Templar Cross with the sun in the back, common in the Middle-Age in Order's churches, a rarity nowadays, kept in Poland.


Souvenir of a visit in Holy Land - Members of our Order in front of the Holy Supulchre  


Photo of an interessant cross in the church “Our Father” (Israel).
Holy Sepulchre's inside.


Invitation to Vatican - Our first official visit


Fresco with a Templar cross in St. Francesco's church of Lodi (photo given by Lodi's Commandery).


Video of a Church in Normandy (France)

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Extreme part of the Ile de la Cite in Paris close to the Pont-Neuf, place where Jacques de Molay, the last Templar Master, was burnt the 18th march 1314.
Old carmelitan garden in front of the Philippe le Bel's original Palace - place of the event
The commemorative plate