Why General Priorship of St Ilario ?

The General Priorship (G.P.) of St Ilario born in Italy, is representative of four Priorships: Canada, France, Italy, Poland. All those Priorships accepted to follow the same program, from which resulted a reunification under a G.P.

The G.P. is a part of a Federation called Ordo Militiae Christi Templi Hierosolymitani (OMCTH), that has its Secretary in Rome.

The Prior of St Ilario, Sergio Minghetti was General Vice Commander of the Order from 2002 to 2005.


The Federation

The Federation is composed by different Priorships, that collaborate The Patriarch of Antioch and Orient, Alexandrie and Jerusalem, Gregoire III.

The aim of the Federation is specified on the Charta Montserrat.

Through his members the Federation has some bishops, to legitimate our ideal and our goals.


The activity of the G.P. St Ilario

To stay the most adherant to the original rules, we follow:

- a defensive spirit of christian values

- a caritative activity, like helps to the Holy Land, that is primary for a Templar

- in third and not the last, praying together


What we don't follow

An obcessive research of links between the Templar Order and the symbolism that postumously to the Order suspension, helps massons interests to legitimate its existance, but certainly not for a christian and even less for a Templar, obediant to the Rome Church.

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