Instant of history


The document of absolution gave by Pope Clement V to the Master of the Templar Order Jacques de Molay and the other members of the Order, edited in the first period of proceedings, conserved in Vatican Secret Archives (ASV, Archivum Arcis, Arm. D 217)


S. Bernard, promoter of the Order's birth
Templar knight before the battle


Templar's coat of arms (extract from old book)
Jacques de Molay, last Master of the Order, unless the papacy gives an imprimatur to a new Master.


Vatican's library extract of the Order's case of charge
Templar's arrest, Paris in 1307


18 March 1314 : the Gran Master Jacques de Molay and Order's dignitaries are burnt alive on Pont-Neuf's bridge, in front of the Philippe le Bel's palace
The spirit of the Order wasn't burn, thanks to the Patriarch Gregoire III we continue to be its witnesses.